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Community Foodshed Apprenticeship

Posted: March 9 2009

via Comfood:voices
Hello All,
I am co-designing a Community Foodshed apprenticeship in Summertown, Tennessee. Link: http://www.thefarm.org/etc/etcapprentices.html
Apprentices will design their own desirable foodsheds. The opposite of industrial food systems.

Local food networks are vital! Keep the emails coming! and if you know anyone interested in the below description pass this on.

Community Foodshed Apprenticeship. June 3 - July 30th The Ecovillage Training Center at The Farm
Join a movement that's sweeping across the country by stepping away from industrial food production. Be part of ecologically sensible, socially just, and culturally vibrant food systems. Learn what food, local economy, and
policies you want to encourage in your community. Apprentices will actively learn to grow food with area farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders. We will examine economics and policy of food and agriculture by gathering community data and stories, as well as studying government policy. The apprenticeship revolves around a weekly wheel of visiting three to six farmers and gardeners, many of which are Permaculture practitioners and Biodynamic growers. Field trips to the surrounding community, farms, towns, and cities provide space to gather information and stories. Different modules of food preparation will allow apprentices to recognize their personal taste and nutrition needs.
Resources and time will be given for apprentices to design a desirable food system and build the attitude, knowledge, and skills to implement their design. Cook, ferment, clown, dig, sew seed, harvest, design and transform!

To Apply: http://tr.im/gpdw