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collected seed farm

Posted: February 6 2010

we received this nice email last week...
Dear fellow food grower,
I am a young farmer in Upstate NY. You gave me your card at a food conference last summer. I live on 110 acres just south of Albany with 2 of my friends and we run a small CSA in our area.

Last year, we saved and packaged a lot of our own seed and were inspired to build an online store to resell them. We also bought some non-GMO, open-pollinated heirloom vegetable seed from friends of ours in the area to round out our inventory. So far, this has gone very well for us. Seed sales have grown steadily (especially with our "50% Early Bird Special" before March 1st) and we wish to start selling some of our value added products online as well.
You may check out what I've been working all winter to build at www.collectedseed.com (having had more time than money, I had to learn the software/design tools and build the site myself):
As the season quickly approaches, our to-do list keeps growing. Since there are just 3 of us (all fresh out of college) working multiple jobs to make our dream come true, our resources for these developments are limited; so we could use all the help we could get in any way, shape or form...
Together, we can strengthen our region's food security.
Thank you. Stay warm!
Mihail Kossev


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