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chef job in the catskills

Posted: May 9 2012

The multi-talented Olivia Sargeant of Farm 255, etc  is involved, so we know this is a good one.  Here is a note from Olivia.  Interested folks should contact her directly with a cover letter and resume. olivia at farm255.com
A current client of mine is seeking an experienced individual for the role of Head or Consulting Chef for a project in the Catskills area of NY state. The project is the renovation of a traditional American diner and its transformation into a vibrant resource for the surrounding vacation area, with a menu focused on seasonal, local "comfort" food and drink. The bounty of the nearby Hudson Valley's agricultural areas will be heavily relied on for inspiration and ingredients, while keeping with the traditional and iconic spirit of a northeastern lodge/diner. By filling a niche currently unmet in the Catskills, the Phoenicia Diner will cater to a gastronomically educated constituency and provide quality local food for eaters frequenting the area on holiday. The Diner hopes to connect producer and consumer in a shortened path from field to fork within a casual and familiar environment, reconceived to express both history and progress. Physical renovations of building, kitchen and dining room are in full swing, and we are in need of a Chef to take the helm in the kitchen, or a consultant Chef to guide our opening. We imagine this role to be deeply involved in realizing the concept with their own talents, contributions and vision. Main focus of responsibilities will be to build the menu, design and supply the kitchen with all its needs, hire staff, and assist in all appropriate aspects of opening. The relationship can conclude for a consultant once adequate Sous Chef and support staff is in place. However, for the right individual, and if able to relocate to the area, we imagine this could also be a full time Head Chef role replete with profit sharing and benefits, and potentially eligible for partnership down the line. We are open to either solution. 
Our time frame is such that we hope to be open sometime this summer, so as to take advantage of the season's heavy tourist traffic. That said, the Chef role is key to realizing the Diner's vision and so our timeframe will be dictated by us finding the right person. My client is financially stable, well-funded, an experienced entrepreneur, and has purchased the building as well as the business. In terms of my role, I am consulting on all aspects of operations, systems, and finances, and thus will be helping the Chef to establish solid kitchen administrative protocols such as weekly purchasing and cash flow, inventory, recipe costing, labor budgets, cost of good sold targets, etc. 

red hook, new york