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chaseholm farm grand opening

Posted: March 21 2014

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There will be a cow salon/photo booth, cow milking lessons, farm tours at 2:30 and 3:30, live music, some foods, a raffle for farm store treats, calf cuddling, and acquaintance making of neighbors and friends.  We will also be kicking off farm store season with a special 20% discount card we are calling Milk Money but it works for all of our goodies in the store, not just the milk.  Read more about that below the flyer 🙂   We hope to see you there, with your kids and your friends and maybe your parents too. Join us!  


To celebrate we are launching “MILK MONEY” – a farm store card that enables you to support Chaseholm Farm in exchange for a 20% discount on store goods. Purchase of a $200 MILK MONEY card entitles you to $250 worth of core farm products. Purchasing a card will help us buy seeds and equipment this spring and offers you great farm store value. Products that can be purchased using the card are:
Raw Milk fresh from our grass based herd of Jersey’s and Holsteins.  We are especially excited to be offering this promotion as spring brings us fresh grass and the cows embark on another season of grazing, providing nutrient rich milk to us all.
Farmstead Cheeses from our very own Chaseholm Farm Creamery. Chaseholm Camembert, Moonlight, StellaVallis, Alphage, Queso Blancos and Farmers Cheeses.  My brother Rory makes all the cheeses with his team and our milk.
Remedy Farm Sauerkraut made by Jordan, one of our resident cow grrrls.  Jordan is starting a small vegetable and herb field ("Remedy Farm") at Chaseholm this year, so as the season progresses you can expect to find some of her fresh produce and herbs in the store as well as new vegetable ferments.
Über Ethical Rose Veal is a new product that we are raising on the farm. We keep our bull calves and raise them to four months mostly on milk (sometimes directly from their mothers, sometimes from a nipple bucket/bottle) with the addition of forages (hay or grass depending on the season) as their rumens develop. This is a natural diet for a calf and lends to healthy development. We make sure we are providing the most nutritious food possible as to produce the most nutritious meat. They are never fed anything GMO which is very different from conventional veal. Because our calves eat milk and forage and move more, the veal we produce is different from the very light colored, intentionally bland veal that has been available in most grocery stores. It is a light pink, rosey color, with a rich flavor that is milder than older beef and so very tender.  We have many cuts available.
Ground and Stew Beef - these are from cows raised in our grass intensive system. Because our beef comes from dairy cows, we grind all of the top cuts (besides the coveted loin!) making a superior ground beef product.  Plus its grass fed!
As we grow as a business we intend to offer other treats in the store.  Free range eggs, Maple Syrup, Organic Coffee, Local Honey, Pork, Lamb,  Salumi, Granola and Jams are a few examples!  We’d love to be your farmers!  The Store is open on Saturday’s from 10-4 and by Appointment.  Call or email to place an order or arrange a visit.  We’d love to have you meet your milk.
 Contact Sarah – 518 339 2071  call or txt and email [email protected]
You can also visit www.ChaseholmFarm.com!
hudson, new york