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blue fox farm seeking assistant grower

Posted: December 12 2012

Blue Fox Farm, based in Applegate, Oregon, is currently looking for an Assistant Grower to join our team.20120807_082158
We're looking for someone with 2-3 years of prior vegetable production experience that is looking to understand the fine details of running a 17 acre vegetable farm.  Ideally this would be a 2 year minimum position with the possibility of becoming a long term position.
We have been farming in the Applegate Valley for the past 10 years, fine tuning our growing schedules and our marketing, and now we have reached a point where we need to share this knowledge with someone willing to take on part of the workload with us. We attend two farmers markets a week, sell our produce to several area restaurants and food co-ops, as well as wholesaling our produce to a regional organic distributor. We employee between 3 to 8 people  depending on the time of the year. More and more of our field work (transplanting,weeding,harvesting) is accomplished with tractor based implements each year. This aligns with our mantra, "work smarter, not harder". We like to make our production systems as efficient as possible to protect our most valuable asset: our farmers/employees.

The assistant grower will be expected to share responsibilities with the farmers. These tasks will generally include overseeing transplant crew and harvest crew, helping with wash and pack, tractor cultivation, field walks and observation, record keeping,  produce deliveries, setting up and running farmers markets, and general farm maintenance. These shared tasks will be scheduled out on a weekly basis allowing all of the farmers at Blue Fox to plan their weeks accordingly.
The pay for this position is hourly and depends on experience. There is housing available for rent on farm and other possibilities close to the farm.  On farm housing is a one bedroom, one bath, large living and dining area, farm-style apartment. Utilities and internet are included. All produce and some meat/dairy/eggs are included with position. Mobile phone service is pretty dependable in the valley and a must for on farm communication. No dogs, please.
If Assistant Grower has a partner, there would potentially be a part to full time position available doing greenhouse work and helping with wash and pack on harvest days.
Send resume and cover letter to:
Blue Fox Farm
939 Thompson Creek Road
Applegate, OR 97530
Any questions? Feel free to call (541)621-1242 or email [email protected]
Applegate, OR