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bike a bee

Posted: January 10 2012

Check out this project from young beekeeper Jana Kinsman and read her note below!  She could use a kickstart.
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/34675274]
Hello young farmer friends,
I wanted to share with you a project I've recently launched called Bike·a·Bee. It's a project that aims to bring beehives to greenspaces, community gardens and urban farms all over Chicago. Each and every hive will be cared for by me on my bicycle. It's a totally car-free system!

I'm 25 and a budding beekeeper. I traveled the west coast last summer and did some beekeeping in Eugene, OR and fell in love. Bike·a·Bee is a result of that experience, where I helped care for many hives located all around Eugene, bringing together a community of people, bees, and food.
Here is the Kickstarter we launched just a few days ago. Already we are doing well but still have a long ways to go! There is a great video that will give you even more of an idea of what I'm trying to achieve!

red hook, new york