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beneficial birds on the farm, short film

Posted: July 10 2020

A new short film on beneficial birds on the farm, from Wild Farm Alliance! Featuring Emily James of Davis Ranches and Rachael Long of UC Cooperative Extension.

"Davis Ranches has designed and installed several miles of hedgerows as corridors to allow safe passage and refuge for birds and other wildlife. These corridors support pest control by birds, with placing the habitat close to the crops.

They are located in Colusa, CA and their mantra and guiding principle is "Farming for the 22nd Century" with the intention of leaving a legacy of farming for generations to come. The video highlights steps on how to attract beneficial birds and install hedgerows.

This video is part of our series, where we are featuring farmer leaders, agricultural extension, researchers and conservationists. You can watch our other videos and learn more on WFA's Beneficial Birds Multimedia Story Platform

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