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Been There Done That, April 26

Posted: April 3 2009

Two hip young ladies, Zoe Fisher & Audrey Snyder, have been working on a sustainable fashion show to benefit the San Francisco Victory Gardens project.  If you're in the area, check it out, support something good, and talk these two into becoming farmers.
When: Sunday, April 26
The idea is promote re-used, recycled, and sustainable fashions which highlighting the intersections to our food systems, music, the arts, and the environment. It is an effort to create awareness about issues in our environment while helping to reverse the damage through the Victory Gardens + project. This is our own take on "thinking globally" but acting locally in a tangible way.
This event is entirely eco-friendly and we will be showing many independent eco-fashion designers, high school students' designs, along with local artists, music artists, and of course food!