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awesome precedent in VA

Posted: January 26 2010


are there others we should know about?
we are looking for more witches in the Boston area for our JP bike elderflower syrup event.
please email us witches!  [email protected]
The Backyard Revolution is a family-oriented celebration of our region’s cultural and agricultural heritage. The primary focus of this event is to offer a remembrance and a reskilling to the community by creating a bridge for the practical abilities, ingenuity and wisdom of our forebears, from the past into the present. By gathering people who are devoted to carrying on the traditions of our collective history and inviting the public to share and learn about their skills and knowledge, the Backyard Revolution supports and nurtures sustainable living practices applicable in the modern world while providing support and encouragement to those who keep our traditions alive.
A program of The SurLie Foundation, Backyard Revolution will bring the cultural heritage of Virginia to life by highlighting our human resources, while making the stories, strengths and characteristics of Central Virginia accessible and identifiable to a wider, more diverse

Tune into 106.1, The Corner, where every other Friday at 8:30am, you can catch ‘Backyard Revolution’ making radio waves as Adrienne Young chats with Brad Savage about eco-volunteer opportunities that make a BIG difference!
Stay connected here on the web for new pages, pictures, and updates regarding the latest occasions to get down, dirty self reliant, and environmentally correct right here in Central Virginia.