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awesome new newsletter on maine grains & oil seeds

Posted: May 1 2013

This is the first issue of the Maine Grain and Oilseed Newsletter.  In response to the growing number of questions from farmers regarding the production of grains and oilseeds, we decided that it was best to start a newsletter that will, hopefully, provide timely research-based knowledge to Maine’s producers.  This newsletter will be distributed on a monthly or “as-needed” basis throughout the year.  The newsletter will be available through e-mail, and will be posted online (http://umaine.edu/agriculture/blog/2013/04/18/maine-grain-and-oilseed-newsletter-april-2013/) to make reading on certain electronic devices easier.  If you do not want to receive the newsletter, or know of someone who would like to receive the newsletter, please contact Andrew Plant at [email protected] to be removed from or added to the email list.
This first newsletter contains information on seed selection, market standards, and assessing the viability of fall-sown winter grains.  We hope you will find this information useful to your production needs.

hudson, new york