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assessing maine's agricultural future

Posted: March 1 2011

Maine greenhorns - here's a good way to get your voice heard!

This Friday afternoon (Feb. 25), vegetable and small fruit growers will meet to discuss your thoughts about the future of Maine agriculture.  We have met with potato and blueberry growers.  We would really like to hear from vegetable and small fruit growers.  We will meet in Room 233 of the Department of Agriculture's Deering Building at 2:00 p.m.  You will need to enter the building through the North entrance.  I will have contacted the secretary about our meeting.  In the session, we will ask you questions like what you are optimistic or concerned about related to farming, what should the state do to help Maine agriculture grow, and what University research or educational program needs would be most helpful for your operation.  We have skewed this project to younger farmers because we are interested in how to best design our educational efforts to best meet their needs in the future, but we are happy to have anyone come.  If you have questions, please contact me at [email protected], my office phone at 581-3241 or my cell phone at 944-9190.
Thank you.
John M. Jemison, Jr.
Extension Professor
495 College Avenue
Orono, ME  04473

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