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art and hydroponics

Posted: July 8 2009

check this out, all you artistically and/or hydroponically inclined readers...
Crosby Hill, featured artist for Art and Sustainability month at Lucky Gallery , will demonstrate how to build and explain the functionality of a Hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique System. Learn more about this highly-efficient method of gardening without soil that is customizable to your location and crop choice.
The Art and Sustainability exhibit at Lucky Gallery includes an on site installation, participatory activities, lectures, workshops, a film screening and many opportunities for dialogue in an effort to pose solutions to some of the biggest global challenges. Each participating artist will host their own Lucky Sunday event, an open house and a chance to meet and speak with the artist. Lucky Gallery invites you to the Art and Sustainability Exhibition to participate in the ever-more-pressing conversation about what it means to sustain our planet, our culture, and our creative enterprise. For more information about this exhibit, featured artists and event click here.
Crosby Hill works for Greensgrow Farm, a nationally recognized leader in urban farming located in Kensington, Philadelphia.  For more information about Hill click here.
Meet Crosby Hill during his Lucky Sunday gallery event July 19 at Lucky Gallery from 4-6. Food and drink will be provided.
Lucky Gallery is located at 176 Richards Street, Brooklyn NY 11231