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are you going to the "ball"?

Posted: September 9 2010

An Unconventional Food Festival: You'll Have a 'Ball'

When you grow up in a Polish household in Chicago, food--God, sometimes a lot of it--just naturally becomes a vital part of your upbringing. Stuffed cabbage, peirogis, Polish sausage, sauerkraut, beet soup and special, fat, fluffy donuts you can't find anywhere else but in your mother's hot, steamy kitchen--all filled with tasty berry jam. Heaven. Needless to say, my wonderful Polish mother and I had to purchase my clothes in the "husky" section of the boy's department at Sears.
Still, being a foodie gave me keen senses--and adventurous taste buds--so it seemed absolutely fitting for me to attend a rather unconventional local food festival last week in Santa Cruz County, California--a festival I never imagined I'd ever attend: The Young Farmers and Ranchers Annual Testicle Festival.
Read more & watch a video here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/greg-archer/the-testicle-festival_b_703741.html