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‘archipelago of hope’ book project shares indigenous peoples’ stories of climate, resilience

Posted: November 2 2015

 Courtesy Gleb Raygorodetsky

Courtesy Gleb Raygorodetsky

‘Archipelago of Hope’ Book Project Shares Indigenous Peoples’ Stories of Climate, Resilience
By: Terri Hansen
September, 24, 2015, Indian Country
“We have the knowledge that can contribute to finding solutions to the crisis of climate change. But if you aren't prepared to listen, how can we communicate this to you?” Marcos Terena, Xané leader, Brazil.
Indigenous Peoples, with their long interdependent relationship with their land and resources are not only among the first to witness the impacts wrought by a changing climate, they’re also among the most resilient, having adapted to changes over millennia.
As some of climate disruption’s earliest victims a number of IPs chose to tell their stories through the film project Conversations with the Earth, of which conservation biologist Gleb Raygorodetsky was a part of, when they were shown at the UN COP15 climate summit.
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