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announcement | tatooine ranch

Posted: August 12 2008

We have a vast blank canvas of 70 acres in western Colorado that needs a few good artist/farmers-poet/herders to begin a long term project of inventing/creating a 21st century energy-looped farm. We have a really nice big house with lots of living spaces for any souls intrepid enough to move to the middle of nowhere, aka Montrose Colorado. "We" is a pair of people who many years ago founded the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles, and who are now doing something different, but similar, out here in mountain country. Long term we hope to build a small neighborhood based around a conglomeration of very forward-looking ag businesses, and short term we need people to help brainstorm energy loops, design and build barns, love goats, write grants, feed chickens and grow the greenhouse. Our web site, www.tatooine-ranch.net, if you know anyone who is interested in more info.
Thanks Good Farm Movement