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Anarchy Apiaries

Posted: July 26 2010

Their annual potluck was Sunday, but this is a beautiful message be sure to check them out HERE
Bees teach patience, resilience, and thankfulness for nature’s gifts. They teach us to work with them rather than control them.
Today, bees have been forced to work in an agricultural model that poisons and malnourishes them. The demand for performance requires selective breeding, shallowing their gene pool and creating a welfare state for our bees– hives that cannot survive without chemical treatments and artificial feed. They live on plastic comb and are not allowed to swarm. Then they are at the mercy of a climate destabilized by Global Weirding. And yet the bees still thrive. They are wild.
And they are rebelling.
The practice now known as “American Beekeeping” is repulsive, and I am determined to destroy it. Not for the sake of the bees, who will bee just fine once these sacrileges cease, but for the sake of the beekeepers and every person’s relationship with land, food, love, and fear. Call it a not-so-hidden agenda. Call it Anarchy.
The bees in the Hudson Valley are having an EPIC YEAR.  Would you like to learn how to keep bees and let them keep you?  To learn more (or less), you are invited to our 3rd annual Beekeepers Association of Northern Dutchess (B. A. N. D.) Potluck Field Day. We will meet at Cedar Cliff Farm in Milan, NY, once again to play with the bees- weather and bees permitting.
Sunday July 25th, starting around 1 PM.
The bees are fattening up, so bring something to help the humans along!  Bring a veil. (Well, nobody ever does.)