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an app for growing food

Posted: September 30 2012

send to us by Rachel, who writes:
"I wanted to let you know about the debut of our new app for food gardeners, Agrisaurus (aka "Ag-Resource") For the past two years, we here at Farmscape have been developing Agrisaurus to help gardeners find more success in their plots. We want to make designing, planning, and managing a food garden simple, fun, and successful. The app is for new gardeners and veterans alike. As a user plans out their garden, it will give suggestions and help them understand their crops in space and in time. Once a user has a design in mind and their planting dates scheduled, then Agrisaurus will help them stay on top of weather events, harvest timings, and weekly tasks. I thought that you and your readers would be very interested in this.

Check it out here: http://kck.st/Om22rV I'd love to tell you more about it if you find it as cool as we do!"
red hook, new york