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an amazing opportunity

Posted: January 20 2010

to visit Gaviotas....
So far, few outsiders have managed to visit this special place. But public order is making a comeback in the region, making it possible for the village to invite 30 people for a fully hosted day visit. In addition, Gaviotas founder Paolo Lugari is inviting visitors to a second day of events in and around the Gaviotas office in Bogotá. [18-JAN-2010 UPDATE: 8 SIGN-UPS / 22 SPOTS REMAINING]
Beginning in April, an 8-month rainy season will flood the Gaviotas landing strip - and who knows what 2011 will bring - so this is your chance!
Our friends at Eventos Virtual Pro (www.revistavirtualpro.com) are the local organizers and coordinators of the visit and associated activities.
Cost for 2 days of hosted events, including chartered flight from Bogotá, meals, tours, talks: $995 (US dollars). With your payment, you will be supporting numerous current initiatives at Gaviotas (including the reforestation project) and make personal connections that may lead to further involvement and lifelong friendships. This price is for early registration in January. Signing up in early February will cost $100 more ($200 more in late February, though we are likely to fill up before then).  Sorry, but there are no funds available for scholarships. [18-JAN-2010 UPDATE: 8 SIGN-UPS / 22 SPOTS REMAINING]
The 2 consecutive days of activities will take place during the 3rd week of March. For security reasons, the exact dates will only be disclosed to participants who are fully registered and paid. For safety, there will be no overland travel and no overnight at Gaviotas. You must make your own arrangements for travel from your home country to Bogotá and back and for your overnight accommodations in Bogotá (we will provide suggestions). Sample round-trip airfares: $544 from San Francisco, $401 from NYC, $388 from Miami (check out www.kayak.com). Sample accommodations: $29 single-occupancy room with private bath (www.hostallacandelaria.com).
To ensure your spot, please click here and then on the "buy now" button.
Sign-ups will be processed first-come first-served.
After signing up, you can request an instant full refund anytime - no questions asked - up until February 20th. Just send us an email. This way, you can reserve your spot right away with no risk. After we reach 30 participants we will set up a waiting list.
You may also send a personal check, but in that case, your participation will be confirmed only after your check has arrived, has been deposited, and has cleared the bank. This might set you back an entire week or two.
Make checks payable to:
Friends of Gaviotas
1849 Shattuck Ave 208
Berkeley CA 94709


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