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Posted: September 12 2011

Sadly we don't have any info about Sustainable Food Jobs (we were wondering the same thing, as they've been MIA since mid-July). And although we are not a replacement for them, we do offer similar services in spreading the word regarding jobs in the field of sustainable food.
Full disclosure: there are some differences with our two sites (Note: Our two sites happened to both pop up around the exact same time, independent of each other; I guess it's a sign that the service was really needed).

  • We are a job search engine, rather than a blog.
  • We have a posting fee, which mainly goes toward the cost of building and operating the site - and for us to grow and support other food related businesses as our own "good food job". (We believe that SFJ was run by one solo volunteer)
  • We offer discounts to nonprofits and other small businesses that need it. Don't hesitate to reach out, as we know what it's like to get started and are happy to help in whatever way that we can.
  • As our editorial policy states, we post jobs pertaining to sustainability and/or food culture.

But we all have a keen interest in seeing more people devote their time and energy to rebuilding our food culture and our communities.
If you have any questions, we're always here to answer them. And we're equally interested to hear news on SFJ if anyone else knows what the story is.
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