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amazing opportunity to work with erin bullock

Posted: December 11 2012
She is a tremendous, ambitious, super organized farmer, right near Rochester NY.
Mud Creek Farm CSA has one paid position open at this time, for folks with a little bit of farming experience that they want to expand by farming full-time for a whole season.
We pay minimum wage, $7.25/hr, and you are expected to work 45hrs/week from April-November.  It is often hard, physical labor in all sorts of weather, but we try to have fun while we do it.  You'll be joining a team of four:  2 of us are experienced farmers, 2 are beginning farmers.  You will learn about growing greenhouse transplants, planting, irrigation, weeding, cultivation, and harvest of over 50 different vegetable crops.  You will be expected to work efficiently, maintain a positive attitude, be a part of the team, help supervise volunteers, and perform the delicate balancing act of focusing on details while maintaining speed.
Check out the website www.mudcreekfarm.com for basic info on how the farm is run, and the blog:www.farmererin.blogspot.com for photos of the past four summers.We are located in Victor, a suburb 25 minutes outside of Rochester.  We are also 20 minutes from Canandaigua, near the Finger Lakes.  We all live off-farm.  You would need to have a place to stay and your own transportation.  You get a vegetable share in the farm.
If you're interested, email a resume with 3 references.
hudson, new york