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aid to haiti

Posted: January 14 2010

Food first recommends these charities.
thanks to Anna Lappe for spreading the word

Partners in Health
Founded by Dr. Paul Farmer, this nonprofit health delivery program has served Haiti's poor since 1987. To donate for earthquake relief, go to https://donate.pih.org/page/contribute/haiti_earthquake?source=earthquake&subsource=homepage
In an urgent email from Port-au-Prince, Louise Ivers, Partners in Health clinical director in Haiti, appealed for assistance from her colleagues in the Central Plateau: "Port-au-Prince is devastated, lot of deaths. SOS. SOS... Temporary field hospital by us at UNDP needs supplies, pain meds, bandages. Please help us."

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Doctors Without Borders was working in Haiti prior to the quake with a staff of 800. Here is a report on January 13, 2009 with a link to their donation page.
Haiti Action
Haiti's grassroots movement - including labor unions, women's groups, educators, human rights activists, support committees for prisoners and agricultural cooperatives - will attempt to funnel needed aid to those most hit by the earthquake. Grassroots organizers are doing what they can with the most limited of funds to make a difference. Please take this opportunity to lend them your support.
Grassroots International
Long time Food First partner Grassroots International has a long history of working with organizations on the ground in Haiti. Grassroots has committed to the extent possible to, "provide cash to our partners to make local purchases of the items they most need and to obtain food from farmers not hit by the disaster."