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adirondacks: biochar workshop

Posted: March 25 2016

April 16 & April 17, Saturday & Sunday | 9am to 4pm
Instructor: David Yarrow, Terra Char
Biochar is yet another tool in the toolbox of regenerative agriculture! In the last two decades, Biochar has and is receiving more attention of its benefits to agriculture and of its other uses. This Biochar workshop will have both a lecture component and a hands-on component, where attendees will learn how to make an efficient and easy to build Biochar burner, produce biochar during the workshop, and learn of a variety of uses of biochar, from producing fuel, to running engines and heating greenhouses, to producing wood vinegar, and more! Whether you are a novice or have some experience, this biochar two-day workshop is for everyone! Learning to make biochar on site, for your farms, fields, and gardens, is a wonderfully inexpensive soil amendment, with so much potential benefit to receive!