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Posted: November 18 2009
Here's a note from Greenhorns' friend Casey Yurow, who works at Kayam Farm...
Over the past 15 years, the Teva (hebrew for 'nature') Learning Center has been leading residential programs in environmental education for Jewish day schools in the mid-atlantic and new england.  Each fall season, 12-15 young environmental educators live and work and play together at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, Connecticut, while inspiring thousands of children ages 10-13.
6 years ago, two alumni of the Teva Learning Center started a new program at the same retreat center called ADAMAH (hebrew for 'earth'): The Jewish Environmental Fellowship.  Every summer and fall, ADAMAH brings together 12-15 young people in their 20's and 30's for a 3 month fellowship in farming and intentional community.
A few months ago, a new network was created to link, inspire, and empower the alumni from both of these programs towards more professional leadership in communities across the country.  The network is called Adva (hebrew for 'ripple') and it is having its first ever joint Teva-ADAMAH reunion this weekend at the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in CT.  We are expecting over 150 young Jewish farmers and environmental educators and activists for a 3 day retreat/reunion/love fest/networking celebration.  There are plans for job postings, skills sharings, seed swappings, craft fairings, jam sessions, and an epic game of ultimate frisbee.
Alumni from both of these programs are starting educational farms at Jewish camps and community centers across North America:
- Kayam Farm (where I work) at the Pearlstone Conference Center, Reisterstown, MD
- Kavanah Garden, Toronto, Canada
Teva Farm and Environmental Education Center, Henry Kaufman Campgrounds, Long Island, NY
- Eden Village Camp, Cold Spring, NY (a new pluralistic Jewish overnight camp with a goal of zero waste and an on-site educational farm that will produce most of the camps food needs)
-more in chicago, san francisco, etc...