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a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Posted: October 21 2010

Wolftown is a great resource for the NW. They helped sponsor our Washington mixer. They range their sheep in the forest by horseback--pretty sweet!
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Wolftown rehabilitates injured or orphaned wild animals returning them to the wild. We rescue all species, including eagles. We specialize in predators, especially wild canids.
Agricultural Program
Wolftown teaches compassionate, sustainable and predator friendly agriculture. We support the slow food movement. We have programs across the west helping farmers and ranchers. We raise sheep. Our sheep are small predator resistant, resistant to disease and parasites, and we browse/graze them loose on horseback with sheep dogs.
We sell fleeces, yarn, clothing, locker lamb and breeding stock.
Need good stock horses or stock dogs or Livestock guardian dogs for predators? Call us and we will refer you. The best thing we can do for wildlife is protect habitat and change the way we live.