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a tale of david vs. goliath

Posted: October 26 2015


About 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners were recalled Sunday by Kraft Foods Group Inc. of Columbia, MO, because of a packaging error. Classic Cheese Dogs are contained in packaging for Classic Wieners.
That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... well, not in this case. The packaging error means that the ingredients are not properly listed and a known allergen, milk, is not listed. The products were produced on March 2-3, 2014, a consumer who notified the company on April 18, 2014, discovered the problem.
According to Crown O'Maine Organic Cooperative, "Whether the 'classic' Oscar Meyer wiener in question is a cheese dog or hot, it is a classic tale of a food system so large we can barely imagine it.

96,000 pounds of wieners would fill 48 x 2000# pallets or tractor trailer trucks.
96,000 pounds of wieners would give every public school kid in Maine 2 hot dogs.
96,000 pounds of wieners is roughly 548.5 pigs."

Crown O'Maine Organic Cooperative distributes locally grown produce across Maine. What would they do if a recall happened on their terms?

"We, in fact, do occasionally conduct recalls.  And one year, although I wouldn't even feed Oscar Meyer wieners to my dog, we had a recall involving some locally made 'dog food'.
We were notified that the labels were not compliant with FDA/State Regulations.  We ran a sales report.  We called the customers, and retrieved the product.  All documented.   It took less than an hour.  None of those products were out in front of the public, waiting for poor Fido to have an allergic reaction or Mom & Pop Grocery to be involved in a food poisoning outbreak.  Small agriculture, small farms, small stores, and small markets for local foods - all add up to a very understandable, very sensible system.
Best part is, less than 1/10th of a cow had to die to no purpose due to a faulty label.

Take that, industrial ag."

For more information about Crown O'Maine Organic Cooperative, click HERE. For information regarding the Kraft recall click HERE.