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a stroll down the cooridor of digital humanities

Posted: June 28 2015

Whaling-dangers_of_the_whale_fisheryMaine Sail Freight festivities kick off tonight! And in our continued excitement, we'd like to share this neat timeline of Whaling History by PBS. It is wonderfully chockful of top-notch historical trivia.
For instance, in 1820, when their Nantauket whaleship The Essex is stove by a stermwhale, the crew is caught up in a classic tale of you-get-what-you-resist in which they embark on a 3,000 mile trip in small boatsout of fear of cannabalism by native peoples on islands only to resort to eating each other to stay alive. They become the inspiration for a very long book by Herman Melville.
Don't worry: Maine Sail Freight is not going to be anything like that.
Check out the timeline here!