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a soil conference in sweden

Posted: April 3 2013

Summer of Soil is a 5-week, multi-disciplinary accelerator program designed to awaken and inspire a collaborative movement to rebuild and maintain living soils. lsf-wheel
The program will include a series of hands-on soil-related Courses, an exhibition of regenerative growing practices and the 5-day Living Soil Forum for bringing conversation to action.
The Summer of Soil presents the 5-day Living Soil Forum to activate and empower people to secure a better future for our soils. Through engaging key players in the agricultural system, from producers to consumers, we seek to connect people and ideas, to create common understanding, to integrate existing initiatives, and to promote genuine, cross-sector collaboration around solutions that work to secure and restore healthy, living soils for the sake of our health, food-security and climate.

  • Build an inclusive, global soil movement
  • Inspire concerned consumers and especially youth to become active soil stewards
  • Promote soil awareness throughout the entire agricultural system
  • Showcase innovative practices and inspirational centres of agricultural production, living soil conservation and regeneration
  • Design and initiate real projects and campaigns to leverage soil acupuncture points across the globe
hudson, new york