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a policy of self sufficiency in switzerland

Posted: October 14 2009

a greenhorns friend emailed us this tidbit from a blog:
True enough. During WWII, Switzerland received very little imports (it did receive some coal from Germany), but the situation was quite different then in comparison with today.

Switzerland had during WWII about half as many inhabitants (4 million people instead of 8), it had twice as much arable land (much of it has meanwhile been paved over), and it had 3.5 times as many farmers (14% during WWII, 2% currently).
Switzerland managed to feed its population, but only barely. 
Executing the Anbauschlacht of the (later) Federal Councillor Wahlen, Switzerland slaughtered most of its farm animals and converted every piece of arable land into a potato field.
Every able-bodied person had to help during the weekends with working the fields, and those without a job had to work the fields six days out of seven.
The rationing was severe, but thanks to the Anbauschlacht, Switzerland was able to feed every person living here in Switzerland a diet of 1800 calories per day.
Today, this would be impossible. Switzerland cannot feed its current population without food imports. ''


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