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A Farmer's To-DO List

Posted: November 17 2008

zoe_horse2Lists are fun, so we thought we'd post a recent note and to-do list from farmer/writer/greenhorns ally Zoe Bradbury:
Well, here's the thing:
I'm leaving in 36 hours for a 3.5 week honeymoon with my new hubby. In that 36 hours I have to:
-pull off my last harvest day
-deliver the harvest
-finish building a barn
-pull the pump out of the river so it doesn't float out to sea while i'm gone
-water all 79 houseplants
-write 2 articles
-scrub harvest totes
-bury irrigation line
-tarp horsedrawn implements
-dry corona beans
-finish november accounting
-unload firewood
-shave very furry legs


I'm not sure it's going to get done.
but I love it.


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