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field crew manager - WA

Posted: November 24 2010

Red Dog Farm, located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is a 23-acre certified organic row crop farm. We produce mixed vegetables, strawberries, cut flowers and plant starts for a diversity of direct market outlets.

Red Dog Farm is excited to announce it is accepting applications for the position of Field Crew Manager. This full time position requires previous row crop field work, ability and interest in leading the work of others and physical strength. Candidates who are looking for a multi-year, year-round commitment will be strongly considered.
Position Purpose
The primary responsibility of this position is to manage the field crew on a daily basis. This includes harvesting, planting, weeding, and other hand or small equipment work. The field crew consists of up to 12 people in the height of the season. The position reports to Farm Manager, who is also the Farm Owner.Compensation
-Compensation is an hourly wage dependent on prior experience and training needed.
-In addition there will be a year-end bonus based on established performance goals and fulfillment of time commitment.
Time Commitment
-The time commitment needed is March 1, 2011 through November 19, 2011 at a minimum. The ideal candidate would be interested and available to work year-round for several years.
-This position requires full time plus occasional overtime in the height of the season.
-Work days are Monday through Friday.
-Five days unpaid vacation is allowed and encouraged with sufficient notice.
Essential Job Functions
-Manage the field crew in all farm tasks including weeding, transplanting, harvesting, moving irrigation, performing greenhouse work, and running markets on a day to day basis.
-Meet weekly with Farm Manager and Field Manager to discuss priority tasks, personnel issues, farm overview, etc.
-Assist Farm Manager with hiring, scheduling and training of farm crew.
-Act in a supportive role to Farm Manager with the aim to stand in for her in case of absence.
-Be willing to cross train in most farm tasks so as to fill in and/or train others as necessary.
Minimum Qualifications:
-2 seasons farm experience on market vegetable farm.
-Desire to lead the work of others.
-Current driver’s license and good driving record.
Preferred Qualifications:
-2 years (full calendar years) experience on market vegetable farm.
-1 year management experience on market vegetable farm.
-Familiarity with organic production systems.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
-Knowledge and skill in all aspects of vegetable harvest, post-harvest handling, and packing.
-Ability to motivate others to work well under difficult external conditions.
-Desire to work well and professionally with all kinds of people.
-Aptitude for good judgment and spur-of-the-moment decision making.
-Ability to make work fun.
-Excellent verbal communication skills.
-Ability to balance connecting with the farm crew and the management crew.
-Ability to manage temporary workers and take responsibility for their performance.
-Excellent teaching skills.
-Knowledge of many other aspects of diversified vegetable farming, including but not limited to nursery work, transplanting, weeding, hoeing, irrigation systems, carpentry, plumbing, tractor operation, mechanics, and farmers marketing.
- Ability to write well.
- Skill in vegetable display and handling.
Application Process
To successfully apply and be considered for this position you must submit the following required application materials:
1.    Possess the skills and abilities required to perform the position.
2.    Submit a letter addressing how you meet the minimum and preferred qualifications.
3.    Provide a current resume along with two references.
Deadline is January 1st.
Materials may be submitted using one of the following options:
EMAIL: [email protected]
MAIL: Red Dog Farm
P.O. Box 402
Chimacum, WA 98325
Questions can be directed to the email above or call (360)732-0223.

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