August 7 2021
  • "Voices from the Barrens" Film Screening at Reversing Hall

    August 7 2021  7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

    Documentary film screening of "Voices from the Barrens: Native People, Blueberries, and Sovereignty" at Reversing Hall, including Zoom panel discussion with director Nancy Ghertner and others involved in the making of the film.
    Learn more about the film:

  • Maine Wild Blueberry Weekend with Chef Odessa Piper

    August 7 2021 - August 8 2021  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

    We are glad to partner with The Wild Blueberry Commission this year to participate in Maine's first ever Wild Blueberry Weekend on August 7-8, 2021. Join us for an open farm weekend to delight in the regional wonder of the lowbush blueberry barrens; warm, blue, and dribbly for the whole family!

    We are offering camping, u-pick harvesting, rolling cooking workshops led by Odessa Piper [Saturday: ultimate blueberry pie, Sunday: hand-churned ice cream, tarts and other blueberry treats], convivial family dinners of clam chowder and pizza-oven-charred pizza on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and a film screening of “Voices from the Barrens, Native People, Blueberries and Sovereignty”. Lydia will hold no-cost kid’s programming while the grown-ups learn flaky pie dough tricks. Come camp, pick, eat, watch, and learn.

    See the Maine Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Conservation for more information.

    Time slots for Household Berry Delight Cooking Workshops:
    $20 / workshop slot. Max 10 participants

    SATURDAY: Tips, Tricks, and Triumphs in Blueberry pie

    SUNDAY: Rolling Blueberry Usage Workshop: perhaps ice cream, perhaps jam

August 13 2021
  • Maine Boat & Home Show

    August 13 2021 - August 15 2021  

August 14 2021
  • Chokecherry Harvest, Process, Feast! Workshop with Rachel Alexandrou

    August 14 2021 - August 16 2021  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

    Join forager and feast-maker Rachel Alexandrou in a weekend workshop on harvesting, processing and cooking with chokecherries (Prunus Virginia). This prolific fruit is currently under utilized in North American cuisine. Together we will prepare a brilliant magenta syrup for pouring over pancakes and other sweets, as well as condiments for pairing with meats and grilled vegetables. We will end the weekend sharing these two meals together and tasting the fruit of our labors. Based on the abundance of the hedgerow ,you may be able to take home a jar of syrup or jam. Bring a notebook as foraging walks with Rachel always end up covering the myriad of medicinal and edible wild plants of the moment and their preparations in cooking.

August 18 2021
  • Historic Preservation, overview and tactics tour

    August 18 2021 - August 19 2021  

    Historic Preservation can be fun!Cherishing and repairing the rotty Hall.Washington County has some of the finest 18th and 19th century architecture on the Atlantic seaboard, much of it imperiled by our cold winters, shrinking population and thin economic base. The civic buildings, churches and halls of Downeast Maine were built during the age of sail, lumber, ship building and early industrial development of our rivers. Now the rivers are being restored, but what about the buildings! We’ve got some wonderful farms in Downeast Maine, though we could use some more— but there is also a critical need for skilled craftspersons and tradespersons in Washington County now that the economy has improved. With the rest of the Atlantic coast increasingly out of reach, this is a place were a person willing to swing a hammer can actually get some equity going! This is the topic of a strategic session on Historic preservation in Downeast Maine with Jonathan Hall of Maine Preservation, Les Fossel of Restoration Resources ( tireless advocate of Historic Preservation and one of Maine’s foremost preservation contractors), and Mike Reddy, Smithereen Farm Carpenter. Join the three of them for a slideshow, walkabout, big talkative lunches, and skill-building hands-on workshop as we contend with the reality all around us, including the 1896 build Odd Fellows hall, " REVERSING HALL" building that is the home of Greenhorns in Maine. We will visit other great buildings talk about triage and approaches, review the existing learning opportunities, and bust out the hammers ourselves.

August 21 2021
  • Roses and Petals with Fatima Durkee and Anna Morton

    August 21 2021

    Roses are LOVE!So many glorious wild herbs grow along the coast of Maine, some native and some naturalized.Rosa Rugosa is such a one, a vigorous, verdant and thorny shrub whose abundant petals inspire sentimentality and rapturous inhalations. We will explore the medicinal plants of this area, from wild raspberry, red clover, yarrow, st .johns’ wort, rosa rugosa… and their use in various decoctions.Join our herbal ladies for a weekend of coastal explorations, experiences and crafting. The power of elemental love that comes from harvesting surrounded by sunshine and breezes as much as from the harvested petals. We will ramble together around the overgrown meadows, forest clearings gathering. Learning, harvesting, preparing, anointing, blending and infusing. Mythical and practical explorations await you. Our teachers have made beautiful businesses celebrating heath, beauty and the wild ingredients. The powerful rose vibrations are the highest, lets join together there

August 27 2021
  • Forests, Florals & Foreshore with Christine Muhlke + Cortney Burns + Abbye Churchill

    August 27 2021 - August 29 2021  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

    Drying, dyeing and preserving the seasons with chef and cookbook author Cortney Burns (Bar Tartine, “Nourish Me Home”), cookbook author and former Bon Appetit and NYT Magazine food editor Christine Muhlke, and Abbye Churchill, a multidisciplinary artist and author who works with textiles, plants, food and community. Come take classes and cook a dinner as they explore some of the area’s ingredients, from spruce tips and mixed florals to seaweed and vegetable ferments. Smithereen Farm is so lucky to host such power babes in product development for value-added goodies that rhyme with this landscape. It will culminate in a very big meal.

August 28 2021
  • GREENHORNS @ Washington County Fair

    August 28 2021 - August 29 2021  

    Please join us at the Washington County Fair at the Washington County Fairgrounds accross from the Library in downotwn Pembroke. Come meet the oxen, visit our booth, read the new almanac, chat with some farmers, and enjoy agriculutral activities and refreshments (as well as stimulating conversation).

September 11 2021
  • Grazing for Regeneration with Willy Reid

    September 11 2021

    Coming soon.

September 18 2021
  • Biodynamics: Land, Sea, and Stars Workshop with Barbara Shinn

    September 18 2021 - September 19 2021  
    Smithereen Farm, 767 Leighton Point Rd, Pembroke, ME 04666, USA

September 24 2021
  • MOFGA's Common Ground Country Fair

    September 24 2021 - September 26 2021  

    Catch the Greenhorns and Smithereen Farm crew at MOFGA's Common Ground Country Fair.

October 2 2021
  • Whole Hog Butchery with Rob Cushman

    October 2 2021