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benefit for Haitian agriculture July 10th / July 15th

Posted: July 9 2010
Writer and wannabe farmer Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts is living in New Orleans for a while, partly because she’d intended to spend most of 2010 traveling in Haiti to start research on her second book. With that project postponed but her mind and heart very much on Haiti, Sharifa is organizing fundraisers for two grassroots organizations working to support agriculture & ecology as a pillar of rebuilding Haiti. The event will feature a French-English bilingual reading of Martinican Negritude poet Aimé Césaire’s epic poem “Cahier d’un retour au pays natal” (“Notebook of a Return to My Native Land”).
when: Saturday, July 10, 7pm
where: GRIS GRIS LAB, 2245 Brainard Street, Central City
when: Thursday, July 15, 7pm
where: THE SHRINE, 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, Harlem
Suggested donation $10-$25. No one will be turned away.
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The beneficiary organizations are:
SOIL Haiti ( www.oursoil.org ) focuses on ecological sanitation,
working alongside communities to create composting toilets that remove
dangerous pathogens from the water supply and provide nutrient rich
compost to farmers. Since the earthquake, SOIL Haiti has been working
in Port-au-Prince along with OXFAM and the Haitian government to
implement environmentally sound sanitation strategies urgently needed
to serve the 1 million+ people living in tent cities since the
Seeds for Haiti ( www.seedsforhaiti.org ) works in concert with
Mouvman Peyizan Papay (Peasant Movement of Papay), to support farmers
in Haiti’s Central Plateau in achieving social justice and
asserting food sovereignty. With the reverse migration from the city
back to the countryside since the earthquake, their work is even more
urgent. Recently farmers of MPP made headlines when they promised to
burn anyseeds donated by Monsanto, a gift-horse of seeds that will not
reproduce and are laced with pesticides, thus subjecting farmers
already facing a state of emergency to the vicious cycle of industrial
Come raise voices, spirits and funds at this liberatory literary gathering!