Media/Production Manager – Greenhorns

(10 hours per week) Summer position based in Pembroke, ME

This person will be charged with a big multi-media project, photo editing, overhauling and vetting 13 years of digital media created by Greenhorns. These media will be prepared to be used in the production of  a television series, for the Greenhorns website, and for an exhibit at the Reversing Hall that documents the work of Greenhorns. This includes audio, photo, video, gif/live iphone videos, troves of shared folders and nooks and crannys from the internet. This position will be based out of Pembroke Maine and includes lovely housing, food, access to amazing shared infrastructure including carpentry shop and mushroom lab, 8,000 book agricultural library, miles of trails, bikes, kayaks, blueberries, fresh fish and a beautiful digital workstation. We have 2 large screen Macs and many hard drives. Please send resume and cover letter to Please familiarize yourself with our work and tell us why we are a match.

Videographer – Greenhorns

This person will document (video, audio, stills)  the Greenhorns summer season in Maine beginning in May 2020 and continuing to film through fall. This role will include setting up time lapse/ wide angle documentation of “ before and after” for the restoration of the farm buildings, setting up of exhibits, planting of new areas.. And includes keeping good folder system such that narrative elements identified during filming are easy to edit with and become the thematics that orient the show. ( Ie blooms, bees, fruit, cider)  ( ie mulch, plant, harvest veggie garden) ( low tide, high tide, harvest, dry, pack seaweed) ( trail cutting, wood chopping, firewood stacking, fire burning) These little sequences of logic are very helpful for transmitting the story of the farm season. This role should work in coordination with the archival/editor position. Farm and workshop activities will be described in advance to help orient the shooting, this job is an estimated 8 hours a week of shooting and 4 hours per week of media management/ planning/coordination.  Please send resume and cover letter to Please familiarize yourself with our work and tell us why we are a match.