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young farmers unite!

Posted: November 12 2009

The Young Farmers Conference is now in its second year!
At Stone Barns Center, a seriously shiny set of cathedral-like barns built by the Rockerfellers to service their estate with raw milk in about 1927. Recently it was brought into use as a sustainable ag education center, and the site of the famous Dan Barber's Blue Hill Restaurant. Where they serve glorious food, oh such glorious food. Go to the conference this year and meet many young farmers. Greenhorns will be there, Cornell folks will be there, all sorts of awesome folks will be there. Its a venue that is grand and quite astounding, but its just a venue, so if we want it to be amazing and relevant to our movement we'll have to grow up, show up -- and make it happen.
Come! to the panels hosted by Sev + the greenhorns, and by the many other wonderful activist panelists.
Ben Shute, Pete Johnson, Tom Stearns, Annie Novak, Ken Greene.