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Posted: March 22 2010
We received this note from an aspiring Georgia agrarian, and then asked him to tell us a little more about himself.  We met Jared Pickard on our Southern Trip.  Check out his blog!
Hey Severine,
I just wanted to say thanks for the time we spent together at Riverview Farms.  Meeting you opened my eyes to the larger community of beginning farmers that are all on similar pages as myself.  It's a powerful thing to all of a sudden be a part of something not because I wanted to, or chose to, but because it's what i'm doing.  What I believe.  If I seemed slightly shy, it's only because I was trying to wrap my head around this concept.  It took me a few days.
I hope you dont mind I used your name to describe the movie and my day at Riverview on my blog, i'm high on cooking, if you'd like to check it out.  My good friends, a band named Roosevelt Dime out of Brooklyn, just recorded a sweet i'm high on cooking theme song which is also on the blog, and not to be missed.

Hopefully you will film my unborn farm for Greenhorns the sequel.
be well,
Jared Pickard
And here's the bio we requested:
I recently quit my job in new york city, temporarily leaving the woman I love behind, to move to Athens, Georgia to seek an apprenticeship with farmer Jason Mann of Full Moon Farms.  On the farm we raise pasture Berkshire and Tamworth pigs in a magestic old growth forrest, as well as grassfed cows, on a ninth generation family farm, Fowler Farms, outside of Athens.  These animals, as well as our own vegetables, are served at two incredible restaurants:  Farm 255 in Athens, and the soon to open Farm Burger in Decatur.  I have been chronicling the hilarious happenstances as well as hard earned lessons on my road from apprentice to farmer on my blog:  im high on cooking.  Enjoy!


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