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Posted: May 13 2011

Pasture Division Director for Belcampo Farms

Belcampo Farms is a 10,000-acre organic farm that is building a slaughter facility and a group of old-fashioned butcher shops to market its products. The butcher shops, scheduled to launch in 2012, will offer an old-world experience to California consumers interested in purchasing high-quality, healthy, and great tasting meats.
Belcampo Farms will become one of three American farms with a wholly-owned slaughter facility, and the first to own its entire distribution channel. Belcampo Farms will produce every type of meat imaginable, from guinea fowl to goats, with a focus on super-premium beef and pork.
The Pasture Division Director is responsible for the daily operational activities of the all meat divisions where the primary feed is pasture at Belcampo Farms. This position will plan, oversee and participate in the management of all aspects of the farm’s pasture program as well as coordination with the Grain Division Director, the Farm Operations Director and GM in the implementation and planning of a multi-species grazing program including:
(keep reading for full job description!)

-       Cattle program;
-       Sheep program;
-       Goat program;
-       Development and implementation of rotational grazing systems;
-       Coordination of transport to proprietary slaughter facility;
-       Managing storage and consumption of feeds and water;
-       Maintenance of livestock, equipment and production records;
-       Maintenance of strict bio-security measures;
-       Other tasks as determined by the farm’s General Manager;
This position will be responsible for:
-       Ensuring that annual production targets are met;
-       Care, accountability, protection and well-being of all pastured animals;
-       Upkeep of the fixed and mobile property facilities associated with pasture management and pastured animal husbandry.
-       Implementing USDA Organic standards, as stipulated in the National Organic Program;
-       Management of and planning for any/all seasonal and year-round staff;
Recommended skills include:
-       Ability  to work in a  team environment;
-       Three years experience in pastured livestock production
-       High school diploma/GED required, Bachelor’s Degree recommended
-       Familiarity with medium or large-scale sustainable cattle operations;
-       Familiarity with Holistic Management Practices;
-       Operating tractors and vehicles with manual transmissions;
-       Machine repair and maintenance skills.
-       Experience in organic animal husbandry and accompanying record keeping
-       Position reports to the General Manager
To Apply, please send letter of interest and resume to General Manager Mark Kleaver at [email protected].

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