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weed dating!

Posted: April 14 2011

now here's a great idea... weed dating.

Finally! What you've dreamed of...the details for the Weed Dating.
Cost $25
Total capacity-50 participants
Gay? Straight? We don't discriminate!
You must RSVP and prepay to save your spot (working out the pre-payment details now...probably through our online store, which we need to get up and running...)
Starts promptly at 2pm so get there on time or you'll miss out!
Weeding from 2:15-3:15
"Dating" from 3:15-4:00
While weeding you get seven minutes to chat up the person next to you. A chime will sound (or a triangle or a bell - don't have that worked out yet) and Group A stays in one row while Group B moves to the next row; everyone trying to find the love of their life among the weeds.
After the Weeding you get to the "Dating" in which you have the opportunity to further a conversation started in the field, or to begin a conversation with someone you'd like to meet. A survery letting us know who would or would not like to hear from.
Suzie's Farm provides: A beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to Let Love Rule, light refreshments - salad and pizza from the oven, plus beer and wine, an opportunity, a chance, some hope.
You provide: A positive and present attitude, sunscreen, hat, gloves and tools, an open mind, a happy heart.
And then...
Love? Possible. Fresh air and sunshine? Definitely. Why not take a chance?
If you want love, you've got to open the doors and let it in.
Welcome to Suzie's Farm.

san diego, ca