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vinegar flats farm job, spokane, washington

Posted: February 21 2013
vinegarflatsfarmThe Vinegar Flats Community Farm produces vegetables, herbs and berries in a 1/3 acre garden in a semiurban space in Spokane, WA. The farm has been in operation since 2001 and is located alongside Latah Creek on prime bottomland managed for agricultural use for decades. Vinegar Flats, an non-profit initiative of St. Margaret's Women and Children's shelter, advocates for food justice in the Inland Northwest.
The Farm Coordinator position is responsible for the hands on-coordination of production of food crops and management of the garden as a positive community-space. This role includes determining cropping and cultivation plans, day-to-day supervision and implementation of tasks and projects, management of production from seed to sale, including coordination of harvest and distribution for one farmers’ market, CSA deliveries and various donations and distribution of produce. The coordinator will also have the opportunity to work with volunteers and job trainees.
The position is best suited for individuals with one or more seasons of experience working at a commercial farm or similar outfit as a farm-hand, intern, or in a management position. One goal of the position is to offer an individual with some experience in agricultural production and a strong interest in ultimately managing their own operation an opportunity to take a management role within a small-scale and growth-promoting environment.
More detail can be found in the attached position narrative and job description.
The position is one of three farm staff. The position runs from April-October, is part-time and pays $12.50/hr. Applicants can submit a cover letter and resume to Program Coordinator Brian Estes at [email protected].
Brian Estes
hudson, new york