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Posted: November 14 2011

Here's a note from Brooke Welles, a greenhorn searching for land and keeping a great blog about it.

I've been keeping this blog (http://twoblueboots.blogspot.com/) almost every day since I left my comfortable job as a farm manager and embarked on the journey of finding a farm of my own.  It still feels every bit as crazy as it did the day that I packed up all of my belongings, said goodbye to my flock of chickens, and headed back home to find a plot of land close to my family.

For the past (almost) two months I have been visiting different properties (to lease or buy), meeting local farmers, and giving serious thought as to what I'd like my lifestyle and my farm to be like.  I've worked on a variety of different farms over the past 5 years, but my experiences still leave me clueless when it comes to all of the details of owning my own farm: loan applications, business and financial planning courses, land appraisals and home inspections.  It's been quite an adventure, and I'm only getting started.

I hope that one day my story will be one of success, to inspire other young farmers to pursue their own dream, but for now it's just a mess of pieces to some gigantic puzzle.  It will take patience, time, and a whole lot of luck for everything to come together.  But, hey, no one said farming was easy.

red hook, new york