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truck farm position, Omaha

Posted: March 19 2012

Growing Cities is seeking a part-time, spring/summer Truck Farm Education Coordinator to begin in mid/late April.  All details below.
Position Title: Truck Farm Education Coordinator
Date(s): May – September 2012
Wage: 25-30 hrs/week, $10.25 per hour
Program overview:  Truck Farm is an edible education project which will bring farm experiences to Omaha area youth.  It is a garden planted in the back of a pick-up truck that will travel around Omaha and the surrounding area showing kids how food is grown through hands-on experiences and expose them to healthy food choices.
General Job Description: Growing Cities is seeking a responsible, passionate and experienced individual with a background in youth education and an understanding of sustainable agricultural methods.  This person should possess excellent oral communication skills, have demonstrated experience with garden and nutrition-based education and experience with volunteer management.
Specific Responsibilities:
- Coordinate, design, and implement educational projects utilizing the Truck Farm to engage students in thinking about where their food comes from. Educator will carry out 3-4 youth education programs per week with the Truck Farm and conduct 1-2 hour lessons at each site
- Create and implement fun and engaging gardening lessons for Truck Farm visits. Lessons will convey the basic understanding of plant biology, healthy food choices, gardening, and food systems. All lessons will be hands-on and include activities like planting, composting, tasting, harvesting, and livestock visits.
- Assist in building the Truck Farm, including sourcing materials, design, and construction
- Plan and schedule educational and site visits with local youth organizations, farmer’s markets, and other community groups (e.g. after school programs, Boy’s/Girl’s Club, YMCA, community gardens)
- Perform Truck Farm garden maintenance including planting, weeding, watering, etc.
- Promote Truck Farm and Truck Farm activities though events, social media, and blog entries.
Qualifications Needed:  BA/BS or higher, preferable in Education/Biology field or equivalent experience; Good computer skills, including word, excel, social media; Driver’s license and familiarity with city driving and operation of a small pick-up truck; Interest in local food systems, advocacy, and gardening; Experience with youth education and lesson planning; Previous experience in education, agriculture, environmental studies, health and nutrition, or related fields; Familiarity with community gardens or urban agriculture; Strong people and leadership skills.
To Apply: Send cover letter, resume, and writing sample to:
Dan Susman at [email protected]

red hook, new york