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the art of eating's bread collection!

Posted: April 20 2010

The Art of Eating has gathered all bread issues into a new collection - The 12 issues cover pizza, croissants, baguettes, pain au levain, and more.
12 issues, $87
colored square no. 22 “Pizza in Naples” — Pizza in the city where pizza originated and remains better than anywhere else — the history and origins, what defines pizza — an examination of the dough, the classic condiments, and the crucial physics of the wood-fired Neapolitan ovens — recipe.
colored square no. 29 “A Well-Crafted White Loaf (Cream-Colored Flours, Gentle Mixers, Hand-Shaping, and Really Flavorful Bread)” — That rarest of breads: great white bread — a visit to Acme Bread Co. in Berkeley, California, and an interview with Steve Sullivan — the views of Professor Calvel of Paris — a recipe for great white bread.
colored square no. 30 “Follow-up on Bread.”
colored square no. 41 “In Tuscany (The Sangiovese Grape, Bread Without Salt, A Pot Shaped Like a Bottle, The Veneration of Olive Oil)” — A baker of traditional unsalted Tuscan bread and a baker of schiacciate (panelli) with the salt on top.
colored square no. 45 “Paris (or What Is French Food?); Part I, Posing the Question and The Classic Parisian Baguette” — The classic Parisian baguette — where it came from — what creates a great one — a baker of baguettes.
colored square no. 59 “Burgundy I” — The ancient pain d’épices (spice bread) of Dijon (plus an article on baklava, which isn’t bread...).
colored square no. 60 “Paris (Again): An Annotated Address Book” — “Croissants” — A search for the best croissants in Paris — Michel Gerstenmeyer of Le Palais d’Or — what makes the best croissants (moelleux et feuilleté) — recipe.
colored square no. 61 “English Food” — Real Cornish saffron buns in Cornwall.
colored square no. 71 “Olympia Oysters”“Unsalted Italian Bread.”
no. 73+74 “20th Anniversary Issue” — “The Baguette” — The definitive article by James MacGuire on the origin and eventual decline of the baguette in France, its recent revival, the influence of Professor Calvel, the ingredients and the method, with a recipe for the dough (and how to bake a similar round loaf in a non-professional oven), and, by E.B., “How to Buy a Baguette.”
colored square no. 83 “Piedmont Beef” — “Pain au Levain: The Best Flavor, Acidity, and Texture and Where They Come From” — The definitive article by James MacGuire on sourdough bread with a consideration of the Poilâne bakeries, the details of the best flour, the entire process, the co-operative bakery Pain Virgule near Nantes, with a thorough recipe, and, by E.B., “How to Buy Pain au Levain.”


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