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take back the tract update

Posted: July 6 2012

https://i0.wp.com/protestintheusa.org/pusa-wp-main/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ofarm.jpgPRESS ADVISORY
Saturday July 7th – 9AM - Albany, CA
Occupy the Farm will crash an exclusive invite-only harvest party sponsored by the Albany City Council and UC Berkeley. Join the farmers to demand access for all to a historic public resource.
The city has organized a harvest party for a small hand-selected group. Participants in the Occupation are expressly forbidden from participating in the harvest of crops that were sown while Gill Tract was briefly open to the public. Meet at the West entrance to Gill Tract on Jackson St. and 9 AM. We maintain that public, open
access is necessary to tend the crops and ensure the health and viability of the Gill Tract Farm.
Press Contacts:
Stephanie Rawlings - 415 - 215 - 5464
Anya Kamenskaya - 415 - 812 - 4793

red hook, new york