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why there is a giant media blackhole blackout on the native american oil blockade

For the love of all things good! Can we talk about something other than Donald Trump already? Thanks to Global Research for publishing this informative piece: "The first point is actually very simple: Native Americans standing up for themselves is not polarizing. In an age of institutionalized media divisiveness and hyper-partisanship, the story of Native Americans in North […]

Posted: October 27 2016
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meanwhile at standing rock

http://www.democracynow.org/embed/story/2016/10/24/standing_rock_police_arrest_100_water The indigenous peoples and activists at Standing Rock are facing militarized police and a impenetrable silence in the mainstream media as they work to protect the indigenous rights granted by treaty and our collective water commons. The camp still needs supplies, donations, and volunteers. If you haven't donated yet, this is a good time. […]

Posted: October 26 2016
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obama administration to sell offshore drilling leases

https://static01.nyt.com/images/2008/06/26/business/26offshore.600.jpg On March 15th, the Obama administration released a draft offshore drilling plan for 2017-2022 that includes 10 lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and 3 in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Alaska. This proposed drilling plan puts our communities, wildlife and environment in danger -- all so oil companies like Shell […]

Posted: April 27 2016
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when the oil fields burned

While we're on the subject of oil, this past Sunday, the New York Times magazine re-ran Sebastiao Salgado's 1991 photo documentary of the burning of Saudi oil fields. And, holy crap, they are, without doubt or exaggeration, some of the most stunning photographs ever taken, highlighting both the unequivocal devastation of war and the abject threat posed by […]

Posted: April 12 2016