land grabbing

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black land theft mini-documentary

How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land Watch this 15-minute documentary from The Atlantic, How Black Americans Were Robbed of Their Land -- based on Vann R. Newkirk’s article, “The Great Land Robbery.” Description from the Atlantic below: Over the course of the 20th century, black Americans have lost approximately 12 million acres of land. […]

Posted: June 9 2020
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learning about land grabbing

"Our Land, Our Life" presents the struggle of Carrie and Mary Dann, two Western Shoshone elders, to address the threat mining development poses to the sacred and environmentally sensitive lands of Crescent Valley, Nevada. This short documentary tells one of the thousands of stories of recent, unjust and aggressive land grabbing that has occured across […]

Posted: May 11 2020