health care debate

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talkin healthcare for farmers

Vermont Public Radio article on the challenges new and old farmers face when accessing affordable health insurance.

Posted: February 20 2017
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health care and young farmers

[youtube] We are so grateful to Shoshana Inwood, an assistant professor at UVM, for drawing attention to the struggles that young farmers face when it comes to procuring health care and starting a family. This won't be news to any farmers in the audience, but it is worth sharing widely to raise more awareness-- […]

Posted: January 19 2017
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rural folks & the health care debate

healthcare, farming... and the BRIGHT YOUNG PEOPLE who are moving back to small towns to set up doctor's offices, farms, butcher shops, and the new american economy. game on. Vilsack Questions Attempt to Repeal Health Care Law Ag secretary says there is not support in Senate or White House. Jason Vance Published: Jan 18, 2011 The […]

Posted: January 20 2011