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solar cookers, the simple solution to a host of complex challenges?

Solar cookers could not be more simple in many ways, their basic means of operation catches the suns rays and uses this heat to cook food. Some use aluminium coated plastic to do this while others other means to achieve the same effect. Either way, the opportunities afforded by solar cookers go far beyond household […]

Posted: August 5 2017
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agricultural trailblazer dorn cox on GH radio tomorrow, dec. 20!

Where does Dorn Cox find the time to get so much done? Dorn is a founding member and board president of farm hack, is director of Greenstart, and-- as his bio on their webiste totes-- on his 250-acre family farm in Lee, NH, "has worked to select effective cover crops, grains and oilseeds for food and […]

Posted: December 19 2016
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a wealth of information on biofuels

contained in a note from our friend Lucas Patzek: My father works extensively in the thermodynamics of biofuels (and other energy sources), so you might want to check out some of his papers if you're interested in this subject: The most popular paper he ever wrote was published in Critical Reviews… in 2004.  Here is […]

Posted: December 19 2011