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write 200 words, take an eco-retreat in beautiful appalachia

This is tantalizing: one essay, 3 hours work per day, and a sweet rural eco-retreat in West Virginia.

Posted: April 19 2017
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accelerating appalachia today on GH radio

Accelerating Appalachia is a "word HUB for sustainable business," providing training to, coordinate mentorship for, and encourage financial investment in organizations who are "solving big problems with their business models." They work predominantly with women entrepreneurs, look to support students, and have even had farms in their accelerator program. If all of this sounds revolutionary […]

Posted: February 14 2017
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FREE lifetime lease on a 65 acre land trust parcel in WV [EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

[[[[[[[THIS LAND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT APC WITH REQUESTS FOR INFO.]]]]]]]]] The Appalacian Catholic Worker has put out a call for someone to rent a beloved but human-starved piece of land in West Virginia. [Edit: please note that this is NOT a Greenhorns offer. The following text is from the APC, whose contact […]

Posted: July 12 2016
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citizens, organized.

A wonderful project in Appalachia, a region whose youth clearly see agriculture  and forestry as the only basis for their sustainable economic future. Their August/September issue was devoted to "Living off the Land"

Posted: March 5 2012