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swipe my permaculture card

Posted: August 2 2010

Santa Fe, NM - In a financial economy where most consumers are worried simply about their money's security, member-owners of Santa Fe, New Mexico-based Permaculture Credit Union www.pcuonline.org know that they're securely investing in sustainability for their communities as well.
Established in 2000, the Permaculture Credit Union was specifically designed not just as a financial institution but as a responsible, sustainable business model that focused on saving members' money while also saving natural resources. With more than 1020 members from around the country, the credit union specializes in responsible lending in areas that promote environmental sustainability including alternative home construction, fuel-efficient vehicles, sustainable and organic farming, energy efficient home upgrades and lending for energy and water capture systems.
The Permaculture Credit Union celebrated its decade of success with a community celebration at the (LEED Gold Certified) Santa Fe Community Convention Center. With a theme of "Going Way Beyond Sustainability," the feature a keynote address from author and global eco-entrepreneur Gunter Pauli. http://vimeo.com/11765142.