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sponsor a cheese!

Posted: November 1 2010

we just received this note about the plight of Morningland Dairy - they've been ordered to destroy 50,000lbs of raw milk cheese and are fighting back. You can sponsor a cheese for $5 to help with legal costs.

Morningland Dairy, a small dairy farm in Mountainview Missouri, needs our help.  They are well-known for selling their famous raw cheeses to most states in the country. However, very recently they've been unable to sell or even make raw cheese due to the Missouri Milk Board's fierce intervention.
As a result of poorly conducted sampling and/or testing, their cheese has been labeled by the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board as harmful. The co-owner of the farm Denise Dixon has assessed "Our cheese that was allegedly tested in California had been in California for well over 4 months, and no-one seems to know how it was handled for 7 weeks between being placed in an un-iced cooler (when it was confiscated) and when it was allegedly tested. We understand that by California statutes, confiscated food is supposed to be tested right away, and that we were supposed to have our own sample to test ourselves, but neither of these things was done. The FDA did test our cheese plant and milk barn by taking 100 swab and sponge samples from equipment, walls, the floor, etc., and having them tested, and they found nothing."
In truth, no one has ever been sick in all the thirty years they've been in business. Sadly, they've been ordered by the Missouri Milk Board to destroy some 50,000 lbs of cheeses, which would nearly take them out of business. Thankfully, Morningland Dairy has objected to this order, and are fighting hard to not only stay in business but to also fight for our natural rights as human beings to real food. I would like to know if you can spread the word in your community so that we can raise enough money to help Morningland Dairy stay in business, and hopefully expand our rights to food that is life-giving and wholesome. If you need to know more information regarding this huge issue, go to www.Morninglanddairy.com and read their recent blogs. To donate money to support Morningland Dairy, you can go to http://uncheeseparty.wordpress.com/ Thank you very much for your support!


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