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six figure farming for small plots: a workshop with jean-martin fortier

Posted: October 9 2014

6 figure farmingThursday, November 20th
Hawthorne Valley Farm (Ghent, NY)

$15 for the full-day workshop

Since 2004, Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife have been making a good living by growing on less than 1½ acres, on their farm Les Jardins de la Grelinette in Quebec, just north of the Vermont border. Last year, they sold more than $140,000 worth of vegetables, selling at two farmers’ markets and through their 140 member, 21-week CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). How they do this will be the focus of this full day workshop.

This workshop is intended to complement the explanation of Jean Martin’s cropping systems provided in his book The Market Gardener, and will offer in-depth instruction about intensive methods for optimizing a production system. Topics will include:
– Farm set up and design for biologically intensive cropping systems

– Alternative machinery, minimum tillage techniques and the use of the best hand tools for the market garden
– Best practices for weed and pest management
– How to develop a systematic approach to crop planning and season extension

Pre-registration is required.
More information and registration at: 
Contact Kristen Loria if you have any questions.